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Infinity Award Recipients

The Infinitiy Award is given for Outstanding Achievement in the Science of Longevity Medicine. The following is a list of Infinity Award recipients: 

Dr. Roy Walford
Caloric restriction mechanisms of aging

Nathan Pritikins, Ph.D.
Cholesterol and dietary risk factors for coronary artery disease

Linus Pauling, Ph.D.
Nobel Laureate
Vitamin C and megadose vitamins in health

Dr. Raymond Damadian
Magnetic Resonance Image Scanner

Dr. Daniel Rudman
Human Growth Hormone in aging

Dr. Karl Folkers
Co-enzyme Q-10

Dr. Denham Harman
Free radical theory of aging

Richard Cutler, Ph.D.
Role of antioxidants in aging

Dr. Peter Safar
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Senator John Glenn
Space and aging research

Dr. Judah Folkman
Angiogenesis inhibitors for control of cancer

Representitive Dan L. Burton
(U.S. House of Representitives)
Advocacy of personal healthcare freedom

Dr. William Regelson
Role of DHEA and Melatonin in aging

Robert Atkins, M.D.
Role of obesity in aging

Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D.
Socio-economic implications of aging

Imre Zs.-Nagy, M.D.
Human Growth Hormone & Membrane Hypothesis of Aging