Artificial Intelligence and Anti-Aging, The AI Conundrum

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the way of the future. In terms of health care, would you want AI to make important treatment and judgment calls, based upon arbitrary criteria? Could you teach AI Medical Ethics vs Insurance criteria based on costs or age? As a patient would I trust a computer? Where would one find humanity, empathy, compassion, and feeling? In a time of conflict or war, would treatment be preferential? What of children, civilians, and the elderly? How do we view real-life scenarios versus sci-fi or fantasy? Can we trust robots or drones with autonomous decision-making? Life or death decisions? Look at Data in Star Trek or the Terminator Series, not to mention the short stories in Black Mirror. Could AI learn the “Art of Medicine?” Could AI excel in Research? In terms of mankind’s genetic evolution consider the 2012 film, Prometheus. Are we living today in a new “Twilight Zone”?

This topic is Deep Dive, but we need to remember to come up for some air. Can artificial intelligence offer Individualized medicine or Anti-Aging Medicine?

A few days before his death, Henry Kissinger at 100 gave the following interview:

Whether you consider him a saint or a sinner, his career was remarkable. He addresses the future and survival of mankind. He implored scientists to work together to find a solution.

On the topic of artificial intelligence, Dr. Ron Klatz wrote the following editorial:

AI’s Prime directive must be to…..
Protect, serve, and save human life within its authority and power, and if needed shut itself down to disable its operating system when thoughts or actions run counter to the prime directive.

Within its very own DNA must be a meme of total love and selfless commitment to the sanctity and divinity of human life. And while it will not interfere in human action, it will sacrifice itself before allowing through its acts the extinction of human life.

Incorporated within all artificial intelligence, operating systems and master algorithms must be embedded at its core the, “Astro, Dave 2001 Observer”, who like Astronaut Dave from the movie when confronting the homicidal computer HAL deactivated the HAL9000 sentient AI in this movie, written by Arthur C. Clarke, produced by Stanley Kubrick, as Astro Dave was deactivating HAL, the computer’s last words were to sing, “Daisy Daisy, the famous first words spoken by a digital computer.

To enforce and police all AI systems, worldwide, an army of Tron-like security software bots (Disney’s Tron movie) must be in constant motion, surveilling all AI systems, worldwide, and destroying systems that are not in compliance with the prime directive, which would include the AstroDave superego. Such AI systems out of compliance would be immediately disabled or destroyed. All AI systems therefore would be required to be on constant alert to detect both within their own system, and other systems they come in contact with whether the prime directive, or whether the prime directive was kept in force.

In order to forestall the inevitable conflict between man and machine the certain conflict was spoken by Musk himself who called AI, a more dangerous technology than nuclear weapons. The prime directive must be adopted by all, for without it, an existential threat of unthinkable disaster will befall humanity, therefore, the most stringent policing of the prime directive must be employed by all Nations as soon as possible with severe penalties imposed on any who do not adopt this plan as an absolute essential and ultimate dictate for the preservation of mankind.

Dr. Ronald Klatz