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CDC Study Confirms COVID Jab Lowers Male Life Expectancy By 24 Years

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From Hal Turner:An official new study has confirmed that men who receive the Covid vaccine will tragically suffer a 24-year loss in their life expectancy.

Scientists have analyzed the official data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the UK government to determine the long-term harms of mRNA jabs.

The study aimed to weigh the balance of risk for the vaccines by calculating how long the negative side effects of mRNA vaccines take to reduce over time after a person receives each dose. Alerts ( 

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I would want to see this study. The reported result is impossible to predict.

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Good point, I did a search to try and find the cited research but only found this fact check article instead: No evidence COVID-19 vaccines shorten life expectancy | Fact check (


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