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GROWING MY HIP BACK - How I Restored Full Function Without Surgery

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My hip joint was so badly damaged there was virtually no cartilage left, and the pain from bone-on-bone was awful. I walked really badly, with a bad limp, and could not run at all (I've been a runner for 40 years). The range of motion was severely compromised, and I was taking painkillers to sleep at night. Surgeons told me I was due for a hip replacement, as the joint was so badly worn down and no medication would help.

As my body is made of living, metabolically active cells (unlike a car) I could not accept the assumption that body parts "wear out" and cannot then be repaired by natural processes. I gave myself three months to see what I could do with diet and lifestyle adjustments. After three months it felt a lot better - less pain, more motion, and I even started slow jogging. After a year my hip was fully recovered. X-Rays show a completely normal hip joint, and can run and cycle as before, and there is no more pain. My joint has repaired itself to full function. This video explains what I did.
Here is a bullet-point list of the steps I took:

1) Reduce INFLAMMATION: Cut sugar from your diet - and that means CARBOHYDRATES, as they are all made of sugars (watch my video - link below - on Carbohydrates). Cut NIGHTSHADE vegetables (tomato, pepper, brinjal/egg plant). The science on this is inconclusive, so just cut them anyway. Cut out (or limit as best you can) ALCOHOL. Add natural anti-inflammatories to your cooking (Turmeric and Ginger)

2) Provide your Body with BUILDING BLOCKS: You need to manufacture collagen proteins to build cartilage, so take a COLLAGEN supplement, as well as Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

3) Allow your Body Time to Work: Follow an INTERMIMTTENT FASTING lifestyle (Video link below - it's not at all difficult!) to activate the process of AUTOPHAGY, allowing your body to clean out the damaged cartilage and replace it with ne cells.

4) Do Gentle, Regular EXERCISE: Just up to the pain point in order to improve the range of motion while the joint is repairing. Walking is good, when you can, and gentle mobility exercises. NO IMPACT EXERCISE (like running).

5) LOSE WEIGHT: This will be easy if you follow Step 1 and cut carbohydrates from your diet. Just increase your fat and oil intake instead. Remember, "Sugar makes you Fat; Fat makes you Thin!"

There will be good days and bad days, don't let the bad days set you back mentally. Sometimes you might overdo it and hurt your self, but it doesn't matter - just keep going! And at the end of three months. if there is progress, that should encourage you to persevere for longer: And remember, if it doesn't work for you in the end, you've lost nothing - you can have that hip replacement if that's your last option, but having delayed it will only mean the technology is now better!

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