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Role of Nutrition a...
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Role of Nutrition and Diet as Therapy in Anti-Aging Medicine? What's Optimal?

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This is a vast evolving topic that can make a difference. Among members of the CDPMCS, AOSRD, and AASCP Zoom Groups, we are beginning to look at a diet and nutrition textbook with different authors for each topic addressing age group, and medical conditions seeking to address optimal and individualized diet. 

This can benefit both Clinicians and Patients, wishing to contribute, share, and learn more on this topic.

When I was inspecting Nursing Homes in 1974-1975, I noted nutrition and used to see a lot of canned foods, boxes of cereals, and vending machines. 

by CAM Advocate and Inspector

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Carol Petersen
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I understand that meals in hospitals can be as low as $2 each.   How much quality can there be in that.  I recently had a long air flight which served two meals.  Why is there always a container of highly processed yogurt being served?


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