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43 percent of Americans frequently constipated, survey says

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My clinical experience has been that Covid infection has been related to significant G.I. problems possibly because Covid attacks the vagus nerve and renders sum individuals with hyper motility of the gut. I found that abdominal massage and increasing celery and use of small doses of castor oil, as well as and light exercise can greatly improve G.I., motility and regularity of bowel movement, hydration, and supplemental magnesium are also helpful. I have seen people who have gone one to two weeks without elimination and these people have been greatly helped with the use of Colonic therapy that must be considered for severe cases my very best wishes. God bless and be well. Dr. Ron Klatz 

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I just heard someone say that there are many types of constipation, be aware of what you are trying to treat.  For example, hypothyroidism is rampant and can be the underlying cause.  Help with that first.



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