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Muscle pain from so...
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Muscle pain from so-called long "COVID" (DNA plasmid "infection") eliminated with nicotine patches

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Here is the post from Godlike Productions: 

Muscle pain from so-called long "COVID" (DNA plasmid "infection") eliminated with nicotine patches
A friend has "Long COVID" (a bs term for toxic plasmid infection expressing via bacteria as various venom-like toxins). Got her on a 7mg nicotine patch daily. Got rid of her severe 4-week pain in a few hours and slept soundly for first time in weeks. Removing it, pain returned full blast. Did on/off test six times, and it came back each time without the patch and went away with it. After about 7 days total, pain went away and never came back.

Nicotine hits same receptors as spike proteins (the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors), displacing them as nicotine has a 30x higher affinity for those receptors.

She still has vasculitis affecting various organs (300% more likely to get vasculitis post-"COVID" infection) because the spikes do a real number on the endothelium, as explained by Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, and cause inflammation and clotting.

Toxic peptides/proteins are most likely being produced by DNA plasmids (they confirmed around 30% of the total content of mRNA vials are DNA plasmid "contamination") introducing the DNA into E. coli in intestines and elsewhere in the body, and then they express toxins they are encoded to express (as bioweapons). The DNA plasmids are 100% confirmed in the 'vax' and likely introduced to water supplies, though I've not personally seen that confirmed yet. Those on well water appear 90% less likely to contract "COVID."

Felt intuitively to share this for anyone suffering bad muscle, and possibly joint pain from these toxic, clot-forming spikes.

I'm not a doctor. This isn't medical advice. Speak to your physician. Yada yada. Personal anecdote only.

I'm heading out so I may not be back to reply, but research what I've shared and you'll see for yourself that many others are getting well from nicotine patches. Check "The Antidote" interview with Dr. Ardis on Rumble.

All the best.

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