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Q: What is FNMB? FNMB is short for “First Nation Medical Board,” a licensing entity for those who practice “traditional” (a.k.a. indigenous) medicine. For more information, go to:  

Q: What is the purpose of FNMB? FNMB was created to protect the practice of indigenous medicine. This protection allows physicians the dual licensure they need to use both conventional and alternative forms of medicine in their practices.  FNMB also provides a home for other alternative healthcare providers to be licensed where they have no board. For more information, send an email to:

Q: What types of licensure does FNMB offer? FNMB offers four types of licensing as follows 

  1. Certified Tribal Practitioner—Licensee has doctorate, DEA, and/or is trained for/uses invasive therapies (e.g., IVs, injections, etc.).
  2. Certified Tribal Healer—Licensee has doctoral or post-graduate training and uses non-invasive therapies (e.g., nutrients, homeopathics, etc.).
  3. Certified Tribal Technician—Licensee has certificate for performance of a medical function (e.g., massage, ultrasound, phlebotomy, etc.).
  4. Traditional Tribal Healer—Licensee is a medicine man or medicine woman who is recognized or trained by a Native American Tribe.

Q: What practice rights does as an FNMB Licensee have? FNMB licensees have the rights for which the licensees have been trained by education or other mean approved by FNMB for which such licensees have submitted with their FNMB applications and/or subsequently added to their file for approval.

Q: Must an FNMB Licensee have a business license? Ideally, Yes. If the licensee is operating independently then a business license should be obtained from FNMB in order to make the licensee part of the “Turtle Healing Band Clinic” non-profit network.  If the licensee is operating in an existing FNMB-approved facility, where such licensee operates as an independent contractor or an employee, then a second FNMB business license is not necessary.

Q: Must patients become private members to be seen by FNMB Licensees? Ideally, Yes. Patients should become members of the Turtle Healing Band (“THB”) and agree to submit to the jurisdiction of FNMB and the Crow Tribe of Indians for professional and civil disputes, respectively.

Q: Is there signage the FNMB Licensee should post for the business? Yes. FNMB business licensees should post a notice on their outside doors or windows notifying the public that they are: “Private Membership Only” or “Not Open to the Public” or both.

Q: Is FNMB affiliated with any Indian Nations? Yes. FNMB is currently under the jurisdiction of the Crow Tribe of Indians as part of an economic development program.

Q: Can other Indian Nations join FNMB? Yes. This can be done by Resolution for which FNMB has a template that other Indian Nations can review and endorse by reciprocity.

Q: What advantages are there for affiliation with FNMB? FNMB licensees may practice on any reservation with any Indian Nation where such Nation has recognized and endorsed FNMB.  Conversely, Indian Nation tribal members affiliated with FNMB may be seen by any FNMB licensee off reservation at a 25% discount and without having to pay a membership fee (although a membership agreement should still be signed).

Q: What is the “Tribal Donation Fee”? The “Tribal Donation Fee” is a 5% assessment on goods and services paid by THB Members to FNMB licensees who, in turn, submit it to FNMB. In the alternative, an FNMB licensee can pay 5% calculated from the gross revenues of the practice for services rendered and goods sold.  This fee is a tax-deductible contribution given to an IRC 7871 non-profit entity.

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