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Serge Jurasunas Naturopathic Cancer Treatment Strategy

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"This Naturopathic clinical cancer strategy
incorporates both naturopathic medicine
and advancements in cancer treatment
based on a multi-approach to the disease that
includes targeting apoptosis, immune cell activation,
angiogenesis, restoration of cellular respiration,
inhibition of inflammatory mediators, not mentioning
some secondary factors such as detoxification,
improving the microbiome, and the nervous system.
I believe that a real breakthrough in cancer needs
to promote immune system enhancement and
activate apoptosis. These two important mechanisms
of approaching cancer, principally through the
clinical application of the P53 tumor suppressor
gene and other apoptotic players that for the past
15 years have been included in my cancer strategy
as a diagnostic, prognosis, and follow-up treatment.
P53 mutation or mutated P53 protein remains the
essential factor when it comes to treating cancer
either from conventional therapy or an alternative
approach or in combination."

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