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[Sticky] Parkinson's Treatment from Dr. Pedros Kattou from Cyprus

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Following is a recap from Dr. Simon Yu regarding this treatment.  He will be hosting Dr. Kedros at his AMA workshop in August in St. Louis


Brain Neuromodulation Therapy from Cyprus:

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)

for Parkinson’s, Depression, Mild Cognitive Impairment, etc.


By Simon Yu MD


I am reporting on my new experience at the SOZO Brain Center at AIMIS Clinic in Cyprus for treating neurological conditions. At my advanced Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) training in Saint Louis in August 2023, we had a case study of a Parkinson’s disease patient who was not responding to the current regiment of standard medical care with other alternative treatments. Together as a group of 15 physicians, dentists and other medical professionals, we were brainstorming how to evaluate based on AMA and treat advanced Parkinson’s disease with significant tremors. The patient happened to be a physician from out of state. He had had some improvement with stem cell injections and dental TMJ/bite revision, but the benefits did not last long enough to correct his tremors and his condition regressed after he had additional dental work done (eight dental implants).


One of the physicians from Germany, Dr. Atel Hemat, mentioned some great success cases of movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease in Europe reported by Dr. Helmut Retzek of Austria. Dr. Retzek had been in Cyprus for Neuromodulation Therapy training earlier in the summer conducted by Dr. Petros Kattou. Some of the responses were almost miraculous, and he thought that it might have been staged by actors pretending to be patients with Parkinson’s disease. We had a zoom video conference with Dr. Retzek and Dr. Kattou and reviewed a case study of a severe Parkinson’s disease patient who responded within a few hours to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (taVNS), two medical devices.

To make a long story short, I signed up for two days of training with Dr. Kattou, along with Dr. Hemat and eight other physicians from Europe in December 2023. I wanted to believe what I saw in the video was possible, but witnessing the video was not good enough for me. Could it be fake or too good to be true? I needed to see it in person. We had ten new cases of a variety of psychological and neurological patients during two days of training. Dr. Kattou did a quick neurologic examination, reviewed MRI scans when available, and started tDCS and taVNS treatment on some patients.

On the first day, a Swiss physician in his 50’s came with a working diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain. He had rigidity of extremities and chorea-like limb movement, unsteady gait and speech. An MRI was done at the clinic which showed significant atrophy of the cerebellum. He most likely had a stroke with Parkinsonian-like features but not necessarily Parkinson’s disease. He got treatment with taVNS on the first day and tDCS on the second. That afternoon, to my surprise, he was running around the clinic front desk in the lobby. If I had not eye-witnessed him running around, I would never have believed that it was possible. I also had the opportunity to evaluate him with acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) earlier, and found he had significant dental infections and a gallbladder meridian disturbance. This pair of meridian disturbances - dental and gallbladder meridian - are described in my article on Dr. Arman Lurye of Kazakhstan, Medical Acupuncture on the Brain Meridian: Rejuvenation of Brain (RB) Therapy from Kazakhstan.

One of my big questions is how long will functional improvement last from brain neuromodulation using tDCS and taVNS, especially when the patient has active dental and parasite infections influencing gallbladder and dental meridians? I have investigated many different modalities including frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) developed by Carolyn McMakin, DC, qEEG, transcranial neurofeedback, IASIS, alpha STIM and more. This device seems safer, simpler, cheaper and easier to use. The Air Force has been using tDCS as a part of pilot training.

Research using microcurrent for neuromodulation has been growing exponentially. There are over 4,000 published papers on tDCS, which is separate from transcranial magnetic therapy. There are many tDCS and taVNS devices on the market. Dr. Petros Kattou’s training is highly informative, creative, entertaining, and takes you to another level of what is possible. He did not invent tDCS or taVNS but figured out how to apply it effectively using existing technologies based on his understanding of neurobiology, a quick neurologic examination, and neuromodulation. Any details are considered confidential information and cannot be shared. Some of the medical conditions which benefit include:



Chronic, post-operative, and oncology pain

Migraine and fibromyalgia

Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s Disease

Depression, Bipolar Disorder

Stress anxiety disorder and PTSD


Mild cognitive impairment, memory issues

Cerebral learning disabilities






Combining these new ideas from international medical communities: Rejuvenation of Brain (RB) Therapy by Dr. Arman Lurye of Kazakhstan and brain neuromodulation therapy by Dr. Petros Kattou of Cyprus, can be an exciting new way of restoring brain function and neurological disorders. Medical professionals can travel to train with Dr. Lurye at and Dr. Kattou at, and explore what is possible. Dr. Helmut Retzek from Austria has extensive information and videos at, including many case studies.


For patients suffering with these medical problems, you may explore on your own or with a physician familiar with tDCS and taVNS. Although these devices have been researched for many years in academic and military institutions, they are not FDA approved as medical devices yet and not covered by insurance. There are self-help guides available. I found tDCS and taVNS to be new eye-opening therapies and will try them with one patient at a time - starting with restoring the brain meridian by correcting dental and parasite infections - as part of my brain neuromodulation therapy.

~ January 2024


Dr. Simon Yu, MD is a Board-Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Integrative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about integrative medicine, patient success stories, and Dr. Yu’s latest book, AcciDental Blow Up in Medicine: Battle Plan for Your Life, visit his website at or call Prevention and Healing, Inc., 314-432-7802. You can also attend a free monthly presentation and discussion on Integrative Medicine at his office on the second Tuesday each month at 6:30 pm. Call to verify the date. Seating is limited, arrive early.


Simon Yu, MD

Prevention and Healing, Inc.
10908 Schuetz Road
St. Louis, MO 63146 314-432-7802



Weaving Internal Medicine with Integrative Medicine to Use the Best Each Has to Offer

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