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T Cells May Be The Living Anti-Aging Elixir

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Key Facts:

  1. Reprogrammed CAR T cells can effectively target senescent cells, reducing aging-related health issues in mice.
  2. A single treatment with these modified T cells offers long-term health benefits, a major advantage over current therapies requiring repeated doses.
  3. This discovery expands the medical applications of CAR T cells, previously known for treating blood cancers, to potentially combating aging-related diseases.

This shows an older and younger woman.

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In addition to CAR T cells and anti-aging potential, here's interesting research about T cells & immunity that may be of interest.

Being new to the forum, I'm Ken Ceder, Executive Director of Science of Light (SOL). My journey in the realm of light began as a pioneer in full-spectrum lighting with Ott Light Systems from 1987 to 1997, leading to the founding of 501(c)(3) nonprofit SOL. Since 2012, our mission has been to combat mal-illumination and promote a ‘balanced spectral diet’ for enhanced health span & longevity.


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