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Dr John Campbell: I...
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Dr John Campbell: Ivermectin and vaccine injury

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With professor Robert Clancy

00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:01 - New medical findings on post-vaccine syndrome

00:05:59 - treatment for low oxygen saturation

00:12:22 - Patient case study, symptoms, improvement.

00:18:33 - In silico drug screening, ivermectin, spike protein

00:24:18 - Pain mechanisms, fatigue illness, autonomic disorder

00:30:36 – Iva, mechanism and treatment

00:36:52 - Repurposed drugs, virus replication, drug mechanisms

00:42:45 - Testing hypotheses, gut microbiome, immune resilience

00:48:41 - Stopped hydroxychlorin, treatment, patient experiences.

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