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What We've Learned from Hundreds of Vaccine Shedding Reports

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Story at a Glance:

•After the COVID-19 vaccines hit the market, stories began emerging of unvaccinated individuals becoming ill after being in proximity to recently vaccinated individuals. This confused many, as the mRNA technology in theory should not be able to “shed.”

•At this point, we believe this is a real phenomenon as we have seen numerous patient cases which can only be explained by mRNA shedding.

•Some of the most frequent questions about shedding include: “how much do I need to consider mRNA shedding when dating?” “is vaccinated blood safe?” “how do I protect myself from shedding?” and “what are the potential mechanisms that could explain how shedding is possible?”

•In this article, we will present everything we currently know about shedding (e.g., the evidence for it, who tends to shed, who is affected by shedding, what symptoms are typically observed after shedding). Much of this has been made possible by the hundreds of individuals who have shared their shedding experiences—if you can, please share your story too.

What We've Learned from Hundreds of Vaccine Shedding Reports (

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