How Psilocybin Can Rewire Our Brain, Its Therapeutic Benefits & Its Risks | Huberman Lab Podcast

In this episode, Andrew Huberman discuss what psilocybin is (chemically) and how it works at the cellular and neural circuit level to trigger neuroplasticity, which is our brain’s ability to rewire itself in ways that lead to long-lasting shifts in our emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns and abilities. He discusses the emerging clinical trial evidence … Read more

The Relationship Between Grip Strength and DNA Methylation Age Acceleration

The relationship between grip strength and DNA methylation age acceleration is a fascinating area of research that sheds light on the intricate connection between our physical abilities and our biological aging process. Recent studies have revealed an intriguing finding: grip strength, a measure of muscular strength in the hands, appears to be inversely associated with … Read more

Grip Strength, A Good Vital Indicator?

anonymous male athlete practicing rock climbing on wall in gym

Grip strength, often overlooked as a vital sign, holds immense potential in assessing an individual’s overall health and well-being. While traditionally, vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate have taken precedence in medical evaluations, the argument for grip strength as a crucial indicator is gaining momentum. Research has shown that grip … Read more

Science Finds Carbs, Not Fats, Increase Mortality Rates

New research has emerged that sheds light on the potential impact of carbohydrate intake on mortality rates. This groundbreaking study has revealed a strong association between high carbohydrate consumption and an increased risk of death. For years, fats have been demonized as the main culprit behind various health issues. However, this new research challenges conventional … Read more