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Call Out to colleagues treating Covid Vaccine Injured Patients

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I have been researching the mRNA shots for the past years in terms of contents and the damage they can cause and put together various integrative treatments that can help these patients. I have had conversations with physicians and nurse practitioners to find out what treatments they are using and how well they work. So far, three main treatments used concomitantly seem to work very well: CaEDTA, Plaquex and EBOO.  I write about these on my Substack: My goal is to put out information for patients and other colleagues about treatments that have the best track record of reversing the damage. I’m looking to speak to more colleagues about their approach to treating these patients. If you are treating such patients, please reach out to me. When you speak to me you have the choice to either be mentioned by name in my article or remain anonymous if you fear repercussions from medical boards. If you are looking to speak to a wider audience afterwards, I have the connection to enable that as well through an online show on an internet platform. In terms of time needed, our conversations usually last about 40-45 minutes.

My contact email is Thank you for your time! Anita Baxas, MD

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Dr. Baxas, not everyone has accessible veins or access to practitioners having the EBOO equipment.  Do you have thoughts on making this widely accessible?  


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