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Clinical Pearls from AHIMA Spring 2014

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Carol Petersen
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On my way to look for something else, I found these notes from an old conference.   I thought I would share:

Notes from AHIMA speakers  


Garry Gordon  Every cell in the body outlives its organelles.  If a person has cancer, then they need magnesium and thyroid.   They need improved oxygen utilization.  You can over do antioxidants.


Mark Starr:  Patients can be allergic to their own hormones.  There is an emotional contribution to fibromalgia.  Prednisone suppresses all aspects of thyroid function.


Dennis Courtney:  If RBC’s and Hematocrit are about 49, then there is a problem with blood viscosity.  If lp(a) is elevated use lysine, proline and vitamin C. 


Bob Rowen:  When oxygen levels drops, bugs digest cell membranes and switch to cell wall deficient types which our immune system does not recognize.    There is no such thing as autoimmune disease – there are infections involved.    Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are able to overcome low cell voltages.  Oxygen can kill cell wall deficient organisms when nothing else will.


Jerry Tennant:  As soon as the embryo forms the neuroplates, we start programming out subconscious mind.   If the diastolic blood pressure is less than 80, there is too much adrenaline.  The ileo-cecal valve is the primary cause of back pain.  The large bowel backs up into the small intestine. 


Ed Kondrot:  Infections with stop stem cell production. If there is chronic sinusitis there is less oxygen available particularly at night to the eyes

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