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HCL for Injections

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HCL ("Hydrochloric Acid") has been in use for over 90 years in the U.S. to treat of all kinds of infections and disease conditions (see "Three Years of HCL Therapy" published in 1935). HCL is often used in a dilute form (1:500) for a 0.2% solution. This can be very effective natural treatment for acute colds, flus, etc. Because of HCL's timulation of WBCs, it can also be used as a preventive immune booster.  At the Turtle Healing Band Clinic ("THBC"), we use HCL for "isode injections" where a certain amount is administered IVP and then a small amount is mixed with patient's blood in a 1:5 dilution to create a homeopathic dilution for IM injection.  Recently, THBC used HCL IVP and IM for the treatment of a painful shingles outbreak in the groin of a patient.  Within 24 hours, the pain was gone.  Over the course of the next week, all the herpetic lesions dried up and disappeared with no further treatment being required.  To request an HCL handout email droyal@thbclinic.com.

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