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VIDEO - Cancer cell is being killed by a T cell

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Label-free Live Cell Imaging from Nanolive shows how a cancer cell is being killed by a T cell. Technology: 3D Cell Explorer microscope from Nanolive, Switzerland. The 3D Cell Explorer is a high speed, high resolution and non-invasive live cell imaging microscope that can look deep inside biological systems. This allows you to record stunning 3D images to capture the dynamics of entire cells and their organelles in just seconds at high resolution, enabling you to delve deeper into cellular processes, interactions, and responses For more information, visit What’s a T cell? T cells are a type of immune cell, or white blood cell. They mature in the thymus, which is why they are called "T cells". There are different types of T cells, and the one you see here is a cytotoxic or "killer" T cell that can kill cells infected by bacteria or viruses, as well as cancerous cells like this one, in the right conditions. Cancer cells can change to avoid T cell attacks which is why scientists are developing new therapies to help the immune system fight cancers.
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What are the vits. Nutrients rx s and other I terventions that protect against cancer. Such as.  Saunas.  Vit c.   Vit a.  Vit d.  Selenium.  Garlic ,,,,   What else. Please tell me    Thank you and a wonderful new year for all 


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