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World health leaders warn of pandemic 20 times worse than COVID

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  • Disease X refers to a hypothetical unknown pathogen
  • Such a virus could already be circulating in animals but not yet in humans
  • Scientists say without preparation, next pandemic could be worse than COVID

The virus is evolving through a “continual game of cat and mouse between the virus and our immune systems,” an epidemiologist explained. (Getty Images)

(NewsNation) — At the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization issued a warning to world leaders, saying the world could face a pandemic 20 times worse than COVID-19 in the future.

Scientists call it Disease X, a term that recognizes the next global pandemic could come as the result of an unknown pathogen rather than the spread of a currently recognized disease.

Scientists with the WHO held a session calling on world leaders to work together to develop strategies to prevent or manage a Disease X pandemic in the future.

Next pandemic could be 20 times worse than COVID, WHO warns (

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