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Let’s Talk Progesterone with Carol Petersen

Carol Petersen is a highly accomplished compounding pharmacist with over 27 years of experience helping patients improve their quality of life. Join the conference here: A graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Carol's passion for optimizing health and commitment to compounding is evident in her extensive ...

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32nd Annual Spring Congress

See you in 2024! Join us at the industry’s premier event to experience health innovation, unlock your clinical potential, and help shape the future of empowered medicine. WEST PALM BEACH CONVENTION CENTER The Metabolic Crisis: From Surviving To Thriving In The 21st Century Guide your patients from metabolic chaos to homeostatic harmony! We don't use ...

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The Endocrinology of Pain Management with Dr. Bill Clearfield

Severe, persistent pain is a stressor on your patient’s homeostatic system. Pain depresses hormonal response. Adequate pain control with opioids also depresses hormonal function. If the patient’s hormones are not balanced, the patient cannot function at an optimal level and deteriorates. When pain flares, excess cortisol leads to LH suppression, testosterone deficiency, fatigue, and “burnout.” ...

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The Importance of Polysaccharides and Other Phytonutrients for Cognition, Immune Function and Other Mechanisms of Action with John Lewis

  Dr. John Lewis is a past full-time Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and the Founder and President of Dr Lewis Nutrition™.   Dr. J. is a Diplomate, Faculty Member, and Advisor of the Medical Wellness Association, the principal investigator of over 30 different studies ...

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Estrogen metabolism and detoxification By Melvin Nario MD

Estrogen metabolism and detoxification By Melvin Nario MD, ANP, HMD. Dr Nario's practice, Bio Integrative Health Center International, is a leader in integrative and homeopathic medical services in the Reno, Tahoe, Carson City and Northern Nevada areas. He alongside Dr Cora practice work to develop and implement the best therapies for each patient based on ...

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Clinical Applications of Cysteine with Dr. James Joseph

Dr. James Joseph completed his medical school studies at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (1994-1998). He completed a Family Medicine residency through Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine from 1998-2001 and has been in clinical practice for about 23 years. In 2012, DR. J. completed a stem cell harvesting training course ...

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Clinical Applications of B-Cyclodextrin with Dr. Salaheldin Halasa

Dr. Salaheldin Halasa CEO and Founder, of Nitromedicine LLC earned his medical degree at Tripoli University, in Tripoli Libya on 1998. • Dr. H was a researcher in Immuno-Therapy at Baylor University in Texas, Clinical associate at compassionate pain management in Delaware and has published Nitromedicine articles with Dr Hamblin at Wellman Center for Photomedicine ...

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Integrative Interventions Concerning Prostate Issues with Dr. Benoit Tano

Dr. Benoit Tano is Minneapolis, Minnesota's foremost expert in Integrative Immunity. He is the visionary behind the establishment of Integrative Immunity Health System, PC, located in Edina, Minnesota. Dr. T is a Johns Hopkins fellowship student trained in allergy and clinical immunology. He authored the bestselling book, "The Layman’s Guide to Integrative Immunity (2016)." ...

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2 Hrs CME Of The Evolving Cannabis Space By Jeffrey S. Block, MD

2 Hrs CME Of The Evolving Cannabis Space: From Medical Research and Education; To Decriminalization and Regulations By Dr. Jeffrey S. Block, MD RSVP:

Rapamycin and the mTOR/Autophagy Theory of Aging with Dr. Ross Pelton

Ross Pelton, the Natural Pharmacist, is an internationally recognized leader in the science & technology of life extension. Ross’ landmark book, Rapamycin, mTOR, Autophagy & Treating mTOR Syndrome is ushering in a revolution in life extension. Ross Pelton is currently the Scientific Director for Essential Formulas, Inc, based in Dallas, TX. As a pharmacist, he is an ...

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Free Fatty Acid Balance in Chronic Disease States with Dr. Michael Nelson

Founder/Formulator and CEO Dr. Michael Nelson is a functional medicine practitioner, visionary, and seeker of truth dedicated to improving and optimizing your MOOD·MIND·MEMORY. With over three decades of clinical experience, Dr. Nelson has helped over 10,000 patients worldwide, including A-list celebrities, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians, elite athletes, and Olympians, reach their optimal health. ...

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