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Canadian euthanasia...
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Canadian euthanasia doctor gushes about how much she enjoys killing people

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“I love my job,” she told Carr. “I’ve always loved being a doctor and I delivered over 1,000 babies and I took care of families, but this is the very best work I’ve ever done in the last seven years. And people ask me why, and I think well, doctors like grateful patients, and nobody is more grateful than my patients now and their families.” Her euthanasia patients, it must be noted, are dead. As one disturbed watcher noted on social media: “Enjoying her job a little too much, I felt.” Many others concurred.Canadian euthanasia doctor gushes about how much she enjoys killing people - LewRockwell

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It’s uncommon knowledge that the Nazi death camps were run and controlled by the German medical core. It was doctors who were managing the activities at the death camps??? Wonder why?


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