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Don't Die From The Flu

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Don’t Die from the Flu 

 Viruses have been with us since the beginning of time.   An estimated 380 trillion viruses infect the human body at any one time. (1)    Human biology is exquisitely tuned to defeat viruses or to coexist with virus as part of the human viome.   Our relationship with microbes is vibrant and sometimes a fight for one-upmanship. (2)  Our existence is a testament to our ability to manage viral loads.

The pharmacopeias of the world contain long lists of substances which have antiviral, antibiotic and immune boosting substances. This list alone of antiviral drugs (3) is impressive.  It is almost certain that within the realm of the worldwide knowledge of substances, that some would exist that would counter the threat of the corona virus and any other virus that overwhelms us.

Given the threat of global viral pandemics, how can the whole of the world’s medical and scientific communities not be mobilized and galvanized?  Is it beyond their capacity to open the door of their various warehouses to find an antidote to the corona virus which is now strongly suspected to have been developed as a bioweapon?  If this is the case, it is almost a certainty that there are multiple antiviral agents already at hand to control this plague.

But let’s assume the opposite. That this coronavirus is a previously unseen natural biological agent created by Mother Nature.  The sum of the world’s scientific and academic brain power should still have the means to undo this clever virus.  

 A virus is a little thing with very few operating parts and no immune system of its own and no ability to reproduce on its own.  The entire animal world including humans cannot have existed thus far without the knowledge and the means to overcome not only the corona virus but all virus pathogens whether bioengineered or not  Collectively, can and do the governments of the world deliberately keep the information from us? Some note that the top virologists in the world are mysteriously dying or disappear. (4)(5) Why?

These are urgent times.  The reality is that we have the ability, mindpower, and manpower.  What we don’t have is the approbation of the powers that be.  Doctors are not allowed to be doctors.  Scientists are handcuffed into belief systems that must have authority approval. The corona virus pandemic has been projected to kill as many as 65 million people (6 reference).  If true, this is a time that requires great courage to step out and tap into our incredible human resources.  World leaders have called for a population reduction by at least 15% and some as high as 90% (7 areference)

Those who became physicians should step up and become the healers that they intended to be.  The rest of us humans are in a situation that demands a higher calling.  Step out and do what you know to be right for yourself and humanity.

Following is a short list of available therapies which can have a positive impact on quelling a pandemic.  Some therapies should be used right away to make sure that your immune system is in order.  Some should be used at the first sign of illness for speedy recovery.  Finally, some will be offered for cytokine storms.  The immune system overreacts to the infection and inflammation overwhelms the body.  Cytokine storms can lead to sepsis (infection carried in the blood stream leading to organ collapse) which is often fatal.  However, there have been successful interventions for sepsis and the preceeding pneumonia.



Ionic Solutions and Colloids of Silver and Copper


Before antibiotics, silver was the antibiotic of choice.  Silver solutions can be prepared to drink on a regular basis as preventative or used to treat.  Silver solutions can be used in netti pots for the nose or simply use as a nasal spray.  In extreme cases, silver has been used as an intravenous treatment. (8). Copper solutions can be used to disinfect surfaces. (9)




Ozone is a gas which quickly converts into oxygen which can treat any infection.  It can be added to water to drink, use to clean produce and surfaces.  It can be used in therapy in the ears, vaginally and rectally.  It is too irritating to the lungs to inhale unless bubbled through an oil first.  Ozonated oils can be used on the skin.  The American Association of Ozone Therapy (AOT) website provides information and a physician referral.  A trained practitioner is needed for ozone to be used intravenously. (10)  Dr. Robert Rowen teaches ozone therapies to train practitioners.  He traveled to Sri Lanka to treat Ebola with ozone injected directly. (11) Before impeded by an authoritative government, he was able to demonstrate recovery from Ebola with ozone. He pioneered doing an intravenous therapy using 10 passes of ozone.  This can be used for the most resistant of infections.


Oxygen/Hyperbaric Oxygen/Hydrogen peroxide


Oxygen can be delivered in other forms to deal with infections. At the first sign of respiratory distress in hospitals, patients are given oxygen to breathe. Home units of oxygen concentrators can be used to improve oxygenation.  Hyperbaric chambers supply extra oxygen to the whole body at pressure.  Tissue oxygenation happens while bypassing the lungs.  When hydrogen peroxide bubbles, water and oxygen are released yielding its disinfectant qualities.  Hydrogen peroxide can clean surfaces.  Hydrogen peroxide can be used in the ears and gargled diluted in water at the first sign of a cold or flu.  Hydrogen peroxide is also used medically intravenously and provides increased oxygen levels for the body.


Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen


There is an old book documenting the incredible effects of hydrochloric acid (HCl).  “Three Years of Hydrochloric Acid Therapy” can be accessed here: .  Hydrochloric acid is used both intramuscularly and intravenously and provides an immune system boost. Molecular hydrogen ions or hydrogen gas can be used therapeutically to quell oxidative stress.  The science behind hydrogen is compiled at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute. (12)


Intravenous and Oral Vitamin C


Vitamin C is available to use orally and has been ever since Dr. Linus Pauling demonstrated its antiviral effects.   To use orally, instructions are to use vitamin C in frequent dosing to the point of getting diarrhea and then backing down but not stopping and continuing till resolved.  Vitamin C can be taken daily for maintenance.  Dr. Pauling himself used about 30 gm of vitamin C daily.  (13) There was a 60 Minutes segment which aired the miraculous recovery of a New Zealand man who was given intravenous vitamin C and recovered quickly from a viral infection.  The doctors had recommended that the family allow them to stop all support and death would ensue in 1-2 days.   Normally, you would think that this would shake the medical communities of the world to action to provide intravenous vitamin C for all critical infections.   Intravenous vitamin C is a mainstay in functional medicine but not to be found in our hospitals.  Search out providers ahead of time in case this modality is needed. (14)  Dr. Fred Klenner used both intramuscular vitamin C and intravenous vitamin C for numerous viral infections including polio successfully.  His ground breaking work was ignored in favor of the promotion of a vaccine program. (15)


Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation or Photo Luminescence


Exposing the blood to the ultraviolet spectrum of light was developed in the 1920’s and also suffered a fate like Dr. Fred Klenner’s treatments for virus infections.  This time it was the advent of penicillin that became the favored treatment.   Only a small amount of blood is removed and exposed to light in the ultraviolet range.  The blood is returned to the body.  There is a profound increase in oxygen and blood immune components are improved dramatically.  This treatment can be used to quell the dangerous cytokine storms and rescue patients from sepsis.  The equipment and supplies are very inexpensive and treatment time is just minutes.  There are practitioners who still use this therapy in their practices.  (16) (17)


These paragraphs highlight the opportunities that can and should be implemented in managing a pandemic. Effective treatments have already been developed and  abandoned, sometimes for less effective treatments.    Some of these are do it yourself solutions.  Most need the intervention of a skilled practitioner.  Be prepared by learning where and how these therapies can be readily accessed.  There is much more in that warehouse of human ingenuity.  This discussion will be continued.








(14) “Vitamin C for cancer? ‘Miracle man’ Anton Kuraia's highly controversial treatment”




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